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We are enthusiasts, so our work is like a game for us. Creativity is our driving force and we are not short of it.
And who you’re dealing with? Get to know the people who prepare the programs for you. We are a well-coordinated team – we organize teambuilding events so naturally, we should set an example.

We can prepare programs to entertain people, improvise and enjoy it all at the same time. When it is about making tasks, deadlines and other requirements, we are serious and we strictly keep to the plans and promises.

Our values

  • 16 years of experiences and expertise in the field
  • Fairness and reliability
  • We are with you
  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • Unforgettable experiences

Team Finetime


Petr Mach

E-mail: petr.mach@finetime.cz

“I was everywhere, I know everything … nope. I’ve been to a lot of interesting places that inspire me for other programs, but I was not everywhere just like I don’t know everything. But I do like discovering new things and it is pleasure for me to convey these new things to you as well.”

Petr Mach is a production manager, sportsman and traveller enthusiasm for the exact subject. He is experienced in marketing and in business thanks to his work experience in an international IT companies and marketing agencies. He is the driving force of the FINETIME agency. He prepares projects, which he believes to make sense, support a good think and delight the participants…


Jiří Havel

E-mail: jiri.havel@finetime.cz

“I could say that cooking can be approached in different ways, and that I try to elevate eating to a gastronomic experience. That is true, of course, but my main motto is “Keep it simple”. I emphasize quality, fresh ingredients and personal approach. It will be pleasure for me prepare you banquet or celebration anywhere, even in non-traditional environments.”

Jiří Havel is a master chef with long international experience. He cooked aboard an ocean liner of a U.S. company called Celebrity Cruises Society. The last 6 years he worked as a Chef de Cuisine at a luxury hotel in Vienna. He boasts numerous awards from CHAINE DES ROTISSEURS and ORDRE DES COTEAUX DE CHAMPAGNE.
Together with Zdenek Pohlreich or Jaroslav Sapík he is a member of the Czech and Slovak Chef’s Association in Prague www.csl-svazkucharu.cz. He’s a man who loves not only cooking, but also challenges, being active and sport in general…


Kamila Machová

E-mail: kamila.machova@finetime.cz

“Smile and peace all around us. It is what I like.”

Kamila Machová is a business assistant. She has studied tourism, likes travelling and to get to know about new cultures. She keeps us calm even in times when we are in hurry. She inspires our team as a whole…



Honza Prokop

E-mail: jan.prokop@finetime.cz

“I’m doing what I enjoy, I like playing. I create from the heart using my head. “

Teambuilding and teamspirit specialist. He has more than 10 years of experiences in the creation, production and coordination of corporate events. He is the author of dozens of original programs that delighted hundreds of clients. Thanks to his ideas he change a regular event into an unforgettable experience.


Zuzana Bičíková

“Each of us conceals a great potential. The point is to be able to grasp it and use it. It sounds simple, but many people can do it. How to stop being passive and start living a more active and responsible life? Let us try it together. “

Zuzana Bičíková is an athlete by both body and spirit. She’s a former member of national athletics representation and studied at FTVS (Sports department of Charles University). After her active competition career, she is dedicated to training and promoting healthy lifestyle. What hurts, grows, but you must know how to do it. Feel your body. Sport programs under her supervision are something to remember for a long time.


Tomáš Rajnoch

“What about a cup of tea? “

Besides graphics he specializes in tea tasting. A cup of tea from his hands is a truly enjoyable experience.


Petr Jindrák

A proper sportsman, experienced instructor specializing in water and winter sports. Under his supervision, you are safe even during rough and extreme activities.


Zuzka Soukupová

Event coordinator. You are always cared with smile and peace by her. The goal is to make you feel good and happy.

Explored and tested destinations

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Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, UAE, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Cabo Verde, The Netherlands… it looks like we started to travel together not only to different countries, but to different continents.  If you need an event – order it from this agency, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager – ASBIS



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