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Do you like doing good deeds? Believe me that you can make it easily, with a smile and enjoy it at the same time. Let swoop together in socially beneficial projects. You will see that even in a single day you can make many people happy. Also you will get to know your employees better, strengthen the team spirit and you will experience things you will remember of a long time.

“That bastard has just disappeared in the mud!” said one of the participants of a flood relief effort, who has just lost his boot…..Even things like this can happen to you.

Still not sure if you want to join us? We cooperate with ADRA, o.s. and other humanitarian organizations.  We know how to make helping others a special experience for  our participants according to their taste.

We provide a complex program – from beneficial balls and tournaments, charity auctions to active humanitarian help and other activities.

The participants will have fun, will help, get to know their strong points and the others as well.

“Put it into the hole!” and then just seal it nicely and pour some water. What are we talking about now? Planting of trees. Read more about projects with Et netera a.s.!



Et netera ”over the weekend I’m pursuing to do Kristyna. ..”

It was one of the great team working slogans Et netera during floods. In addition to cleaning up, and we made a camp Kristýna mud removal to do auxiliary work in Hrádek nad Nisou and Bílý Kostel nad Nisou, which have been badly ravaged by the river.  In the last year, a team led by Martin Černohorský decided to visit camp Kristýna again. Find out how it all changed, clean the nature around the bike paths and replant trees in places where they were needed.

In addition to the traditionally delicious catering under the baton of Jiri Havel we also helped to organize as a surprise wedding of Hanka and Vláďa. Great Pajdas ideas and witty speech prepared for Mr. Mayor supplied the juice the whole glory on the shores of the lake.



S Petrem je pro mě vždycky radost dělat. V oboru je dlouholetý profík a fakt mě s ním spolupráce baví. Jde vždycky k jádru věci a i jednání o ceně si tak odbudeme rychle a bez zbytečného politikaření. Petr pro nás dělal jak velké akce za statisíce, tak pro nás umí zařídit i menší eventy s drobnějším rozpočtem. Cením si jeho přístupu k světu a pomoci i v charitativních akcích, které s Etneterou podnikáme.

Martin Černohorský, Umožnovač, Etnetera a.s.

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Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, UAE, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Cabo Verde, The Netherlands… it looks like we started to travel together not only to different countries, but to different continents.  If you need an event – order it from this agency, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager – ASBIS



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