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Decide what is the purpose of you event, for whom, and what is its goal. We can design the theme together as well as menu, program and we can find the right place for the event. We love to create.

Types of events that we all know…

Conferences and training

D (161)With a tie or without it, formally or in a relaxed atmosphere.

Seagate 20th anniversary Dubrovník

Annual meeting of Seagate representative and managers  of the ASBIS Enterprises company  in 2012 had flavor of the celebrations thanks to the 20. anniversary of the cooperation of these two major companies in the field of IT.  We have invited leaders of both companies.

The pleasure was that one of the eighty participants was also the founder of ASBIS company Mr. Serhei Kostevich who arrived to the Hotel Palace Dubrovnik. The working part included the summary of the results and the performance of news and plans for the following period. The coach took care of the training part and our team of afternoon activities, entertainment and an evening program.  The cruise on the copy of the historic sailing boat Karaka with lunch at the picturesque small port, a beach competition connected with the Jetski, kayaking, water skiing and swimming in the sea created smiles on the faces of the participants in all the time after the meetings.

About the evening entertainment took care live music, competitions, tastings and gala program on the shores of the sea under the walls of the city of Dubrovnik.


IMG_3695Eperience with all your senses, entertainment

Partners Aquapalace

Sale representatives are professionals who often meet for the purpose of obtaining information and education. At one such training at the Hotel Aquapalace, we had the opportunity to enrich the evening program. More than two hundreds of financial advisers surprised us.

They were very friendly, enjoyed live music, dancing, singing, and our tasting full of aromas and flavors. All were pleasantly surprised how to work together the chocolate, tea, coffee and wine, and that they have in their ranks really savvy singer worthy of a Superstar.  Thank you everyone for the beautiful atmosphere, thanks to which we have enjoyed the action as well.

Sports programs, teambuilding, tournaments

IMG_1804The movement is the basis of life and is and important part of  corporate events

Kaprun – an ideal place for training, sport, fun and relax

Our partner Hotel TauernSpa Kaprun offers luxury facilities even for the most demanding clients. For us it was a breeze to prepare the Conference’s for participants, seminar rooms and an entertainment program.

Skiing without or with instructor on the slopes and off (under the supervision of experienced guides), slalom, toboggan run and Austrian specialties .. lots of experiences. Tired bodies of our participants then gathered energy in the wellness SPA. Weather on the glacier was favorable even at lunch time in the highest situated restaurant with stunning views. Not only FINETEAM says: “thanks Alps , we will come again!”

Corporate Constellations and Coaching

The coach accompanies the client to make a positive change. The coach does not pressure or investigate the client but honors and respects the feeling of safety and personal boundaries. The coach usually does not know the exact outcome of the interview. This helps you to express and refine your purpose and direction at each present moment and it helps you to formulate and to achieve your goals in everyday life. Coach usually does not know what you want but he helps you to better appreciate and to go deeper and deeper to the level of what you actually want. The coach usually doesn’t give any advice. His goal is to be useful by listening, encouraging, asking questions, he helps you to be introspective and breaks boundaries in mind.

The coach is not an expert on your life. He encourages you to make radical and positive steps, that you choose yourself.

Corporate constellations are not for everyone. We recommend it only to teams and their leaders, who can face problems directly. It may happen that it is you who makes problems within the working environment. Are you ready?

Experiences and attraction

Attractions and varies adventures (not only extreme sports), are famous addition of many projects. Look at the most favorite ones, which might enrich your adventure projects.

Experiences and attraction (PDF)

Barbecue party, celebrates and weddings and also Baby Days. If you haven’t chosen yet, we would appreciate if you inform us about your ideas and proposals that we can add into our offer.

We prepare a complete scenario. We organize accommodation, transport, space, graphical materials, translations, sound systems and everything needed for your successful events.

We do like challenges.



Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, UAE, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Cabo Verde, The Netherlands… it looks like we started to travel together not only to different countries, but to different continents.  If you need an event – order it from this agency, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager – ASBIS



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