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IMG_3361Try making wine in the crater of a volcano, set small turtles free into the sea, enjoy a luxury diner on the top of a glacier, or experience other interesting program that will stay in your memory for a long time.

There is a multitude of possible fun activities. You may experience some of these by chance, but why rely on chance, when our agency is able to provide you the best ones.

A group of co-workers does not automatically become a cooperating team. If you let your employees to enjoy an event full of interesting experience, it will bring them close together. Support their team spirit, individual abilities and reward them for their work.

We do not claim that you should try everything but many things are worth it. With us you will attend events that will raise you above everyday worries. Such events converge and unite the team. And what managers would not like to have a cooperating and effective team.

You will reward your employees or partners and get a more powerful team at the same time. It is a good deal, don’t you think?

“Tony ate a cockroach!” You don’t like this Thai delicacy? We don’t force you to eat it. We create very diverse events. Give us your suggestions and you will get an unforgettable event according to your ideas.


Dubrovnik – Cruise on a ship of 16. century

Annual meeting of Seagate representative and managers  of the ASBIS Enterprises company  in 2012 had flavor of the celebrations thanks to the 20. anniversary of the cooperation of these two major companies in the field of IT.  We have invited leaders of both companies. The pleasure was that one of the eighty participants was also the founder of ASBIS company Mr. Serhei Kostevich who arrived to the Hotel Palace Dubrovnik.

The working part included the summary of the results and the performance of news and plans for the following period. The coach took care of the training part and our team of afternoon activities, entertainment and an evening program.  The cruise on the copy of the historic sailing boat Karaka with lunch at the picturesque small port, a beach competition connected with the Jetski, kayaking, water skiing and swimming in the sea created smiles on the faces of the participants in all the time after the meetings.

About the evening entertainment took care live music, competitions, tastings and gala program on the shores of the sea under the walls of the city of Dubrovnik.



We work with Petr Mach and his agency since 2006 and did together more than 10
events already.
Easy to communicate, easy to plan, reliable service and quality, superb execution – it is
all about the events Petr and his team did for us.
Each event we did, become a unique fusion of program activities, positive memories and emotions. Everything was running smoothly and the right way. All unexpected situations were visible only for organizers and were professionally fixed by Petr and his team. FINETIME always overcome our xpectations and we are pleased to continue our cooperation. If anybody will ask me to advise reliable partner for event organization, I will definitely recommend Petr Mach and his agency.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager - ASBISc Enterpreises

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Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, UAE, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Cabo Verde, The Netherlands… it looks like we started to travel together not only to different countries, but to different continents.  If you need an event – order it from this agency, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager – ASBIS



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