IMG_4916Our catering is the quality food that is pleasing to the eyes and taste buds. Our personal approach, design, smile and show, by all these things we make a pleasant atmosphere and fun.

Food as the right “spice” will bring your party to a higher level.

Gastronomy is a fun for us. We use both traditional and untraditional cooking techniques. Fresh ingredients from our proven supplier are sure thing.

It is up to you, what you want to take on (wear) and who you will invite to the event.

Sometimes it seems to us that the chef cook in the kitchen does not cook, but that he makes magic.

Chef Jiří Have will supervise personally. Why? He does like it and he wants to be sure, that you get only the best dishes. Choose from a wide variety.

“Salmons in Prague!”, they won’t swim away, from the pan it is difficult to make it. We are talking about delicious fish delicacies of our chef.

You don’t like fish? Never mind. The chef will make any goodness of our and international cuisine. What matches your taste?

Do you enjoy food preparation and would you like to learn something new? Become a magician and try our cooking course or competition for The Gold Spoon Order.

The Wishing table …. conjure up buffet tables and other forms of refreshment at our event.

Our experienced chef will prepare you an exclusive menu.


“Jiřino, you can do it!”  

This sentence fell at the company’s anniversary celebrations negotiation at Et netera. It was a big challenge. The company has grown to more than 120 employees and we should prepare for them three days at the mountain hut, , where you can be reached only by snow scooter, snowmobiles, or walk at least an hour. Fortunately, the cottage changed into the beautiful hotel Fries Chalets and its operator  Karel Polívka was opened to our ides and meet all our requests.

Top management of Et netera take to the art of our chef, and so he three days prepared, cooked and supervised for all procedures to satisfied everyone.  Besides the business part and balanced of last 15 years  participants also found a place for winter fun and activities.



S Petrem je pro mě vždycky radost dělat. V oboru je dlouholetý profík a fakt mě s ním spolupráce baví. Jde vždycky k jádru věci a i jednání o ceně si tak odbudeme rychle a bez zbytečného politikaření. Petr pro nás dělal jak velké akce za statisíce, tak pro nás umí zařídit i menší eventy s drobnějším rozpočtem. Cením si jeho přístupu k světu a pomoci i v charitativních akcích, které s Etneterou podnikáme.

Martin Černohorský, Umožnovač, Etnetera a.s.

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Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, UAE, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Cabo Verde, The Netherlands… it looks like we started to travel together not only to different countries, but to different continents.  If you need an event – order it from this agency, you will get a great service and no stress during the event.

Victor Krasnov, Marketing Manager – ASBIS



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